‘Glee’ Stars Dianna Agron and Lea Michele: Besties Or More?

Glee beauties Dianna Agron and Lea Michele (along with Glee costar Amber Riley) grace the cover of the May issue of Marie Claire. And judging from the photos and interviews, it’s hard to deny the strong bond Dianna and Lea have. The two have been inseparable: Lea supported Dianna during her breakup with Alex Pettyfer and the two were also former roommates.

When asked about the most absurd rumor she’d heard, Dianna opened up to Marie Claire saying: “Everybody is convinced that Lea and I are in a relationship. There are supposedly forums with photos of us hugging at work or events. It’s funny, but flattering — Lea is beautiful. Since when can’t you hug your friends?”

Dianna was also asked who she learned the most from – and the answer came as no surprise: Lea, who she says taught her to stand up for herself and is very protective of her, defending her during a crazy incident on a flight.

“Once, we were flying from Sydney to Melbourne when a crazy guy grabbed my face and kissed me. Lea yelled and pushed him off of me. A mean stewardess who hadn’t seen it turned around and said, “You two be quiet!” And Lea yelled, ‘No, that man just kissed my friend!'”

Awww, what a good friend!

Are Dianna Agron and Lea Michele not the cutest?

Who are some of your favorite celeb BFFs?

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