Getting Results: B is for Believe

Last week, the alphabet led us to the letter “B.” I don’t know what exacly made me think of the word “believe,” but some of you answered the call with your cameras and shared with us the things that you believe in.

That’s kind of a tall order, if you think about it. Sharing with people your beliefs isn’t easy. That’s why I am glad that everyone here on Buzznet plays nice and we all seem to be open to such things. You all are awesome and you all make me believe in people again.

I believe in

BizarreLand – Believes in what the sky says

Reverie3 – Nature believer

Iska wants to know if you believe.

~ Nick Leonard’s submission ~

StupidBear – B is for L

Jane – Cat Believer

Tomorrow – Believe (or not)

Adriane – Believer in the word

Meghan93 – Iconography

IWannaMarryJohnTerry – Cross

Thanks for everyone that played this week! You make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! I will probably post the next alphabet assignment tonight or in the early morning.

If you like any of these submissions, go and drop notes on the photograph that tickles your fancy.