Gallery Improvement: Gallery Description Tools

Sometimes, when adding gallery descriptions, you need a little more than basic html codes to make your gallery all the more lively. If you are anything like me, you’ll forget things here and there and then EVERYTHING comes out bold or underlined or as a giant hyperlink.

In an effort to make gallery descriptions easier to cram full of information, we bring you a simple rich formatting tool to make editing your gallery descriptions less time consuming and not as much of a headache.

Check it out:

This is what you’ll see when you get ready to create a new gallery. Things to note:

  • You can add a video to a gallery description.
  • You can use bold, italics, and strick through to your text.
  • Undo/redo previous commands
  • Hyperlinking. Just highlight your text with your mouse to use the hyperlink function. You can also undo a hyperlink with the “break link” option.
  • That white eraser thing is for removing all formatting.
  • There is a preview option next to that.
  • Toggle between full screen mode.
  • Enter your own html if you are super smart and know how to do all that stuff.
  • Custom URL entry on the bottom of the screen. This means that you can call your gallery whatever you want instead of Buzznet naming something based on the title of gallery (which is often really long and crazy.

Also, we don’t know if you noticed, but we’ve added more a pop culture tab on the homepage for all your pop culture needs. Patty is the Queen of Pop Culture. If you have any juicy tidbits we might not know about, drop them her way. Start following her because she’s really rad and nice and cool.

We’ve also added a handy tag drop down menu so that you can tag your stuff based on the topic you think it is. That makes things more fun for us here when we feature your blogs and what not so that all we have to do is send your creations to the page we think it will mesh well with.

Let’s say you want to get get featured on the photos page. Just upload a photo or a cool blog full of rad photos, select the art/photography tag, and wait for the magic to happen.

We hope you like these updates and that you find them useful. Let us know what you think!