Flavor O’ Shant

Flavor of Shant was a party thrown by his sister Talene, and here is a summary of what the invitation was like… “Shant Malkasian DID get into college… Which means a celebration is in order for our little Lightning bolt. Saturday night we spell success s-h-a-n-t… We will start with an intimate dinner pre-game and continue late into the night. Bring your fedoras and Animal Collective albums (but don’t). Let’s party.” The theme was Flavor O’ Shant and the dress code was hipster! Aka flannel and/or tanks only, clarks, and tight pants, preferably not denim, and if you didn’t own these styles it was “highly suggested that you hit up your nearest Urban Outfitters”. It was one big hipster (but not) celebration! Photos by Michael Palumbo unless otherwise specified.