Featured 365 Day Project: KatieJRod

When I think about Buzznet, I usually think about Katie meeting up with Bree during some show as she belted out a song. Katie also came to the Buzznet offices and mostly it was like sitting in a room full of sunshine and smiles.

Some things you didn’t know about KatieJRod:

  • She does car commercials in Japan.
  • Her hair is insured for $10,000
  • One time she punched me in the face and it was AWESOME.

Since katie can pretty much do anything, she has also started to do a 365 Day Project. Mostly it is amazing, mostly. Take a peek for thine self:

This is her Day 001 photo. There are all these neat little stories that go with her photos, so probably you go and read them.

What’s that? You’re awesome? Why yes, yes you are.

The frozen foods section has never been so interesting.

I want to go on vacation with Katie.

So there you have it. Look at all these rad photos. She is quite the budding photographer.

Which of these was your favorite?