EXCLUSIVE NEWS: Tokio Hotel at MUZ TV Awards 2011

German band Tokio Hotel will be one of the headliners at IX annual prize on national television in the field of popular music “Muz-TV 2011″ which will take place at the “Olympics” on 3th June, said to RIA Novosti the manager of Muz-TV channel Julia Tutaeva.

“Tokio Hotel -. The first poster headliner, we declare. Although they have already performed at the awards in 2007, we decided to invite them once again, the reason is ’cause the audience is eager to see them. During the past two years, fans of this band attacked the television station, whenever possible, asking us to bring them”- Tutaeva said.

She said that during the ceremony, Tokio Hotel will play three or four songs.

In addition, Tutaeva said that as head of the lineup this year is expected another artist or band, as well as a musician, which will be awarded the prize “for their contributions to the development of the international music industry.”

The band Tokio Hotel was founded in 2001 by two east German twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz. Originally called Devilish. Later, with the brothers joined bassist Georg Listing and drummer Gustav Schäfer. After three studio albums and numerous awards, among them – MTV Europe Music Awards Award in the category “Best Revelation Band” with the song Ready, Set, Go !.

In some songs, and treat the serious social problems like drug abuse, children that have been orphaned or suicide. Most of the lyrics of Tokio Hotel are in German. The band even received a special thanks from the Goethe Institute in the growing popularity of German public opinion in Europe and worldwide, as fans in masse for their teaching.

The band Tokio Hotel has been several times in Russia since 2006.