Emma Roberts Auditioned for ‘Scream 4’ Via Skype

Oh, how far technology takes us these days! Emma Roberts didn’t even need to be in the same room in order to land an audition. The Scream 4 actress auditioned for (and landed!) her role in the movie through Skype.

Emma reveals she showed up at director Wes Craven’s home after he invited her to audition for the latest Scream sequel, but she didn’t actually get to meet him face to face.

“I get to his house and they told me it (audition) would be on Skype (internet video calling programme), which was so strange because his assistant was there, his casting director was there and he’s there on a laptop. I just went for it and I actually found out later that day that I got the movie and I was off to shoot two weeks later. It was the fastest job I’ve ever gotten.”

Lucky girl!

Do you like that Emma is in Scream 4? Do you think she dies or lives?