Disney PROM: ‘Spotlight on Jesse’ Video Yearbook

Are you ready for PROM?! Even if you’re not in high school anymore, you can now attend prom – Disney’s Prom, that is!

Prom is a new original movie that follows several intersecting characters and their stories at Brookside High as the big dance approaches. Every couple has their own unique story – some relationships ravel, while others ignite.

Thomas McDonell plays Jesse Richter, the bad boy with a good heart in Prom. Thomas, a native New Yorker, got his start in a small supporting role in the Jackie Chan flick The Forbidden Kingdom. Prom is Thomas’ first lead role. Aside from acting, he is also the lead singer in a four-piece rock band called Moon. They released their first CD June 2010.

Watch the PROM Video Yearbook that puts the spotlight on Prom’s resident bad boy…

Disney’s PROM opens in theaters April 29th – just in time for prom season!

Will you be attending the movie PROM?

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