The Coachella You Didn’t Know(a) About: Day 1

I’m going to go ahead and say what a lot of us are feeling in regards to festivals: Festivals are mostly horrible. I am a recluse that likes to listen to his favorite music in the confines of his single apartment studio while pretending that my dog is Merengue Dog (see below) as I head over to the telly to dust it. This activity usually takes place on Caturday because as we all know, Sunday is National Nap Day.

Merengue Dog: Not my pup 🙁

Festivals also have the worst sound, the sets are mega short, and you usually have to wait for hours in weird ass weather that sucks so you can be pressed against a barricade by the sea of people behind you trying to wedge themselves closer. We all know that isn’t going to happen because everyone is Fan #1 and if you try to take my spot on the barricade, I’m throwin’ bows. We all know the second you feel someone pressing against your back in attempt to be closer to the stage you do this:

Despite the horrible mess that festivals are, they can also be rather magical. Festivals often bring together all these acts that would never be on tour together because every other band hates some other band because JUST KIDDING. The genres festivals cover are usually extensive (unless it’s Witch Haus because no one gives a shit about that) and that’s kind of glorious. You can go from electro to rock to basically whatever all in a day and you will pay $20 for a cheeseburger just to fuel yourself to party with your favorite bands.

With Coachella being only about a week away, I’ve decided that I would share with you some of the bands that I won’t be seeing. Other people here at Buzznet will be covering bands to watch out for but I’m old and stuck in my ways. There is nothing new under the sun that I wish to gaze upon for I am a curmudgeon (I’m totally lying but maybe you’ve never heard of these bands. Festivals are cool because sometimes you hear stuff you’ve never heard of and whatever).


Caifanes is pretty rad. Even though I am a pocho, I am keen to their music. That’s the neat thing about music. You don’t have to speak the language that it’s sung in, you just have let it rock your body.

(to rock…. en espanol)

So anyway, Caifanes is what we used to listen to during back yard parties, complete with red cups full of SkReWdRiVeRs and other such tasty beverages really late at night. You knew that when Caifanes or Jaguares came on, it was almost time to go. Oh and we all had that one friend that could totally play every song by Caifanes on a 4 string guitar that was out of tune and spent half the night trying to tune it. You ‘member.

Caifanes is pretty good at mixing traditional sounds of le Mexico with rock. It’s kind of their thing. That and using lots of the chorus effect.

Cold Cave

If you haven’t noticed (because we are only the second band in), I am scrolling down the list on the Coachella site looking at bands. Please forgive my alphabetical ordering. Also, no this isn’t Lazzarus Q, it’s Cold Cave.

The dude in this band, Wes, was the lead singer in some of the best hardcore bands but then he started to write like super weepy poetry and this is what happened. It’s still pretty rad. I’ve never seen them play and mostly I would want to, mostly. This band is the kind of band that I would want to listen to as I am walking in the rain so no one can see me cry.

Titus Andronicus

This band, I don’t understand them. I happened to find them one day when I was stealing music on the internet because I am a parasite. Someone in the music upload thread I was trolling described this band as what would happen if Abe Lincoln was all rock and teh secks. I would have to agree. That beard calls to me like his bad ass vocals. I want to watch this band play because they are all AMERICAFUCKYEAH and that ain’t bad.

Also, is it just me or does the vocalist sound like the dude from Desaparecidos?

Are you guise ready for danz party time? ARE YOU?

I’ll just be really brief because this post is getting to that point where its TL;DR already any my wrists are starting to hurt from too many typing.

So a long time ago, when I used to live in the desert, I used to listen to a lot of trance and stuff. I don’t know how I even found this next dude but he segues into the dude after that, so hold onto your boot straps.

Even though I have been listening to Sasha since GU:13, I have never had the chance to um, trip ballz and listen to him spin. Yeah, he’s a DJ. He also has an album of his own original work called AirDrawnDagger (“Magnetic North” from that album is the video above) and mostly when I listen to it, this happens:

On that album, GU:13, Sasha spins a track from Sander Kleinenberg called “My Lexicon.”

I’ve totally just dated myself, haven’t I? Sander will also be playing at Coachella this year and I am full of all the sadness that I won’t be there to skip in the crab grass with all the other candy ravers biting binkies to our favorite beats.

If you are going to Coachella, take some posi vibes with you and check out these bands if you’re into it. Otherwise, go check out something new and tell me about so I can be jelly.

Stay tuned for my Day 2 post. Do You like any of the artists? Not your cup of tea? Tell me which acts from Day 1 you would want to check out if not – List of Day 1 Acts