Chromeo on the WORST Festival Outfits They’ve Ever Seen

Ah, summer music festivals. A time for great bands, road trips, overpriced food, sunburns, dehydration, parking melt-downs, and of course all the American Apparel you can shake a stick at.

Chromeo is an electro-funk duo comprised of besties Dave One (also known as Dave Macklovitch) and P-Thugg known as much for their style game as their musical prowess. They are playing day 3 of Coachella this year on Sunday April 17th, so we asked these dapper gentlemen for some of their chic expertise.

BUZZNET: You’ve played a lot of summer festivals and have seen the broad range of outfits that show up at these shows. What’s your ideal outfit for a guy to wear to a festival? What about a girl?

CHROMEO: For a guy, leather jacket, tight jeans, non-American Apparel v-neck and good boots. Yes it’s hot. But if you’re cool you won’t schvirtz. For a girl, well, there’s the perennial Coachella outfit: big glasses, big hat, skimpy dress or shorts. Hey, keep the tradition alive. What’s crucial for girls at festivals is: don’t look grimy. If after day 2 you still have that fresh out the shower aura, you’re wifey material.

BN: What’s the worst outfit you’ve ever seen at a festival?

CHROMEO: Last summer we played a festival in Zamardi, Hungary. Yes we did. There were men walking around in Borat speedos. Seriously. Some of them brolic, some of them flabby. All of them should have been sent to a work camp in Siberia.

BN: What’s the best outfit you’ve ever seen at a festival?

CHROMEO: P-Thugg, Coachella 2008. Premiering the kente print with nothing underneath. Boldness, redefined.

BN: Is it ok for men to wear flip-flops?

CHROMEO: Absolutely not. See above about Siberian work camp.

BN: Do you have any style tips for your fans?

Two words: Morris Day.

Now watch this awesome video for “Hot Mess”