Chinatown In The 90’s

Photos: Jon Mayhem

headscarf: zac posen, beaded jacket: lazy bones vintage, tights: mine from 5th grade, shorts: lazy bones brand, shirt: vintage queen tour, bangle: h&m, rings: diy and nasty girl

I had so much fun shooting this editorial! Running around the city sneaking photos where they clearly weren’t allowed. I have always been huge fan of Chinatowns, everytime I travel to a new city I have to check theirs out. I will be flying back to Los Angeles in a few days. When I return my life is going into over drive. Eight days of back to back work followed by a trip to Miami, followed by a lot more work and hopefully a move! In the mean time Im trying to enjoy the last few days of peace and quiet before my life gets turned upside down, I mean that in the best way possible! Im also going to start my weekly video diaries in a few days! I will be filming everything and anything all week long and them squeeze it down to four minutes! That way you guys get to see what my life is really like. As MTV diaries would always say… you think you know but you have no idea!

My friend Nat and me were going to the Jeremy Scott Adidas party tonight but I couldn’t get back to L.A in time, not going to lie im kinda shedding a mini tear. Jeremy is one of my favorite deisgners, his party last year was such a riot!