A Cause for Concern

This week I will be unveiling a project that has been an idea in my head and very close to my heart for a few years now. I will be creating a Buzznet account for A Cause for Concern, a place where teens and young adults can discuss and actively participate in world issues, humanitarian projects, an so much more. As unfortunate as the reality is, we have inherited a planet in peril. We need to unite with a common goal and change this world for the better. Just one person can make a difference and whoever claims otherwise is seriously underestimating the power of our generation.

We may not have caused these issues, but if you are not part of the solution you are simply part of the problem.

A Cause for Concern will feature an issue or cause every month, but of course other issues will be discussed as well. The first campaign will be Boycott Bottled Water as well as the ongoing Crisis in Japan and an exclusive interview with Audrey Kitching about the two subjects which are both close to her heart as well.

Until then you can check out a video that I made a few years ago for A Cause for Concern by clicking here or by viewing my video section! It is time to get educated about the crucial issues going on in the world. We need to embrace one another beyond race, religion, sex, or labeled borders. It’s time to start a reaction.

Are you in? xox