Buzznet Original: ZoinksItsARosario

We haven’t had a Buzznet Original in a while. I have been pretty busy doing things while Seb and his monkey minions have decided to have a life (finally). I promise you all that I shall try to get around to giving out some of these nifty OG badges to people that deserve them. That also means that you all should probably start suggesting people again in that one thread.

So here we are. We are at that point when we should start recognizing people on Buzznet that are unique, creative, and have that spark that makes us belive that the internet isn’t only LoLcats and memes from 4chan. Not that those things aren’t all kinds of rad, but Buzznet has always been that place where you could post your hearts desires and have your friends say nice things about you and that made you want to post more.

That’s what the Buzznet Originals were about. That’s what Rosario is about, too.

Looking at Rosario’s photos makes me think that this world is more than Paranoid Parrot and Socially Awkward Penguins:

You Ruined This

What Did You Expect To See?

This All Was Only Wishful Thinking


There you have it. This hardly justifies Rosarios’ body of work that she is starting. She’s truly something different and we are glad that she is here on Buzznet.

Here’s to you, Rosario, our newest Buzznet Original.