Buzznet Hangs With Taylor Momsen (And a Very Unlucky Sweatshirt)

While on a recent visit to LA for the Golden Revolver Awards, Buzznet caught up with Taylor Momsen at her favorite hotel in Hollywood. Later that night on the red carpet for the show, she’d meet one of her rock heroes, Dave Grohl, who’s band the Foo Fighters finally got their first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 Chart!

As for the hotel, we aren’t allowed to tell you the location of course, but what we can tell you is that it’s a nice little tucked-away spot that she swears to. Why? Taylor told us she likes her privacy and this place boasts no paparazzi, no celebrity hype, and has a staff that Taylor knows and trusts. T-Moms was sweet, funny, and surprisingly low-key for a rockstar who’s achieved significant fame, fast, and who seems unable to escape photogs everywhere else she goes.

While we were setting up, her manager came out and told us a story about how her Pretty Reckless Tour Manager had been wearing the same grey hoodie during their LA trip. In a short 3-day period, the hoodie had been subject to a girl vomiting on it, Taylor accidentally setting it aflame, and having day-old fish soup spilt all over it. Yuck! We suggested doing a mini documentary about his sweatshirt’s tour experience entitled ‘The Plight of The Hoodie.’ We hope to see it for a Summer ’11 release. Stay tuned!

Check out the pics below of our visit with Taylor, who’s rocking jeans for a change and a simple black tank top. And, stay tuned for the full video interview coming soon!


Taylor Momsen at the 3rd Annual Revolver Golden Gods Awards

Taylor Momsen Takes on The Hollywood Hard Rock