Bill Kaulitz interviewed by Love Rock #27 (Brasil)

Every band with a lot of teenage fans after a couple of years starts to lose own fans, are we prepared about this fact?

We are a band for 10 years. We are really close and we do everything together. I’m 21 and that means i’m old enough *laughs*. But we love everything we do. We love the fact to have a lot of fan all over the world, sometimes we stop to think how we live far from our home (Germany) and we say that’s so crazy to have fans all over the world who sing our songs with us… it’s still weird for us, but we are having a great time and it’s really cool can play around the world.

But the band is ready to change when fans’ age change too?

Yes, I think the change is visible with the past album, Humanoid. We spent 2 years in record studio, to write songs and to think to our influences… The album is more electronic than the past one. I think it’s a natural development, we are changing, we are still really young.


Inside the record studio you don’t think about it and if fans will like it. You must to be happy with everything you do. We are really satisfied about our last album, we did a huge tour and it’s been amazing! We don’t think about we will do after, we are continuing to do what we always have done.

Tokio Hotel have fans all over the world, which is the country with the most exciting fans?

Oh, it’s really difficult to say. Recently we have been in Asia and Japan, we play everywhere and it’s difficult to say which is the country with the best fans.

Fans thank to internet are always up-to-date about us, right?

They are really connected, everywhere. In Germany, for example, they are able to see what we are doing in South Africa or in San Paolo. Everyone is connected and they wanna to know what we are doing in that moment, watching TH TV on internet we take them in travel with us.

A really important relation with fans, right?

Yeah, for us is really important to share with us our emotions and those moments, we have a very special link, but we have also a special link with Germany, where everything began.