Band Drama Round Up: 4/27/11

I don’t know what kind of voodoo magic has been radiating through the airwaves lately, but there seems to be a lot of changes slash DRAMA afoot in the scene. Here’s a quick run down:

Devin Indeligo left VersaEmerge, which now leaves only Blake and Sierra. Do you think the band will continue on?

Emarosa gave AltPress some words on why they fired Jonny Craig

You Me and Everyone We Know called it quits. Singer Ben Liebsch issued a lengthy statement about his troubles with “alcoholism”, which was promptly called out by his former bandmate Augie and followed by another statement from Kyle.

And Andy Jackson left Terrible Things, which prompted a response from drummer Josh Eppard

Thoughts on any of this? I totally got sucked into all these threads on

Probably what we need right now is this: