Alphabet Assignment: Charmed, I’m Sure

This week is brought to you by the letter “C.” C words, if you didn’t know, are coy and cunning. That means that in order to catch one, you have to corral it with cuddles. UGH. I can’t do this anymore. I want to talk like a normal person and stop using words that start with the letter C. I feel like I’m stuck in a bad episode of Sesame Street.

Anyway, this week is all about charms.

This is my lucky charm (sort of). My BFF (BikeFriendForever) have these little Pooh Bears in Dumbo suits hanging on the back of our bikes. They bring us party times and stuff. She (my friend) gave this too me because she had an extra one but now, whenever we hang out, she checks to see if it’s there because she’s weird. So there you have it. That’s my charm.

Well, there’s that and my normal charm that wins people over but I can’t take a photo of that because it’s probably NSFW.

This week, I want to see if you all have any charms that you are fond of. Do you like Lucky Charms? TAKE A PICTURE OF A FRESH BOWL OF THEM. Heck, you can even do something with this:


So. If you have a charm, tell us how you got it. Tell us what it means to you. Draw a picture of it. Write a blog about it. Take a photo of it. Do whatever you have to do to tell us about your charm.

As usual, from now until forevs, these assignments aren’t photos only. They are, however, always parties. You have until next Wednesday. If you do this, drop me a note or upload your photo to the Photo of the Day group.

Are you ready to rock? Let’s go!