10 Things Kate Middleton Can’t Do After the Wedding

Kate Middleton may be used to leading the life of a “commoner”, but after she says “I Do” to Prince William this Friday there are a list of quite uncommon things the cannot do and rules she will have to live by.

Check out some of the crazy things Kate will have to wave goodbye to:

#1 Her Nickname, KateAfter the wedding, her full title will be ‘Her Royal Highness the Princess William of Wales’. She will only be known by her title, Catherine, or ma’am. No nicknames allowed with the royals!
#2 No ‘Monopoly’You won’t find anyone in the House of Windsor passing GO or collecting $200 thanks to Prince Andrew, Duke of York. In 2008 he stated that the Royal Family was not allowed to play Monopoly at home “because it gets too vicious” and the game has been banned ever since.
#3 When the Queen is Finished Eating, So is KateAs customary in Britain, when the Queen has finished eating everyone else must be prepared to lay down their forks. No one is allowed to continue eating once Queen Elizabeth II has had her last bite.
#4 No Personal Business, No ControversyAs a member of the Royal Family, Kate will not be allowed to cause any sort of controversy or scandal whatsoever. In fact, she cannot speak about any political views, social views, or any other topic that would show her personality. I guess she won’t be hanging out with LiLo anytime soon!
#5 No WorkIf you are a Royal, you cannot hold any other job than being a Royal. Kate may have her degree in Art History, but she definitely does not need it anymore.
#6 No AutographsOne day Kate may have to sign some Royal documents as future counsellor of state if hubby William becomes king and that means no signing anything that is not official business. Prince Harry caught hell last year for signing the cast of a young girl who had fractured her arm.
#7 No Eating ShellfishI hope Kate doesn’t have a taste for lobster or oysters! British Royals are never served shellfish in order to avoid poisoning.
#8 No PoliticsFor obvious reasons, Kate will not be able to run for office.
#9 No VotingKate will no longer be able to vote as the Royals are not allowed for the sake of keeping things neutral between the Royals and politics.
#10 No PrivacyEver since her relationship with Prince William began, Kate has been no stranger to the flashing lights of the paparazzi. After the wedding she will no longer be able to live her life in private. Cameras will be constantly on her with every move she makes and any time she speaks. I probably need not remind anyone the trouble that Prince William’s late mother, Princess Diana, had endured with the paparazzi.

Could you live by these rules/expectations?

I wouldn’t want to, but it’s all in the name of love for Kate Middleton!