Yelle Takes Us on a French Safari Disco

Yelle is a fresh new French Pop star. Her style is techno pop chic, and her energy is so much fun. Her first album ‘Pop-Up’ was released in 2007 and is such a great album. That same year I had the pleasure of seeing her play live at Coachella where she could barely speak English and was pretty much unknown in the states.

Here’s a funny story about that Coachella show: at the time I was going to school at San Jose State University, and I saw a girl from my dorm building at the Yelle show. It was so random because we had seen each other around school but never had never once spoken. Needless to say we had an awkward stare down, with looks like “What the heck are you doing here?!?” So I made it my mission to run into her at school and say something, because it was so weird that I had seen her before Coachella. So I’m assuming she lives near Orange County, but I never saw her after Coachella…. Dan dan dan…. Ok enough about this random tangent, let’s get back to Yelle.

Her new album is set to debut March 14th internationally, March 21st in the UK, and March 29th in the USA and Canada. It is sure to be an awesome album. I personally can’t wait for this album because Yelle is just fun, clean (I think, I don’t exactly speak French), and has all around good energy. I have her new music video edit of ‘Safari Disco’ for you guys that I hope gets you excited for Yelle and her new album. If you haven’t heard of her before and love this new song I definitely encourage you to check out her other music videos which are not only great music, but they are seriously cool videos!

PS: Yelle is set to perform at this year’s 2011 Coachella! I’m beyond excited, are you?

So have you guys herd of Yelle before?

Do you speak French? I’d love to know what this song is about… hint, hint 😉