Victoria Beckham names her baby girl?

She hasn’t chosen the most conventional names for her three little boys – Brooklyn was named after an area in New York, Romeo a romantic hero and Cruz is the Spanish word for ‘cross’ (?).

That’s why we weren’t surprised to read reports that Victoria Beckham is apparently planning to name her little girl a similarly interesting name – Luna.

It has been rumoured that, following Cruz’s Spanish influence, the fashion designer would like to name her baby daughter after the Spanish word for ‘moon.’

Beckham apparently wanted to name Cruz Luna before they knew he was going to be a boy.

In 2004 she said: “I love the word Luna. I know it’s a girl’s name – so maybe for the next baby.”

However, David Beckham’s England teammate Frank Lampard and wife Elen Rivas gave the name to their daughter, so some feel it might be unlikely that Victoria now does the same.

Rumours have also emerged that the former Spice Girl is planning on calling her daughter Coco, after legendary French fashion designer Coco Chanel.

A source told reporters: “For years Victoria planned on calling her first girl Coco, after iconic French fashion designer, Coco Chanel.

“But after four boys, and a gap of almost six years after her last son, Cruz, she simply decided she would never be blessed with a daughter and decided to give the name to the couple’s female bulldog.

“The couple’s second choice was Twiggy but, again, when Victoria got a miniature Yorkshire terrier a few years ago, she decided to christen it this.”

What are your baby name predictions?