Vices & Virtues: A Panic! At The Disco Inspired Photo Contest

As you may or may not know, Panic! At The Disco is coming out with a new album next week called Vices and Virtues. While I beg of thee to remain seated and contain thineself, I also cordially invite you to be excited:

Let’s talk about Vices and Virtues and Miss Jay.

Look at Miss Jay. Miss Jay has the vice of shaking maracas on a Tuesday. Miss Jay has the virtue that is bestowed upon the crown of that infamous bowl haircut in the form of a bad ass floral headpiece. Shake it Miss Jay. Shake. it.

Check out the definition for “vice” here – dictionary! Check out the definition for “virtue” here – words!

So go ahead. Tell us a vice of yours and a virtue. The only rule is, don’t make me have to call the authorities on you. Because I will.


Now that you have named your Vices and Virtues, TAKE A PHOTO OF THEM and then share with us the deep and symbolic meaning of your images.

In the top photo above, we see me with a bunch of bottles of booze that I found in a dumpster by my house. Drinking is bad. In the second photo, we see me engaging in some form of piety. I am pretty sure that I unleashed spirits last night in my apartment. Anyway, you get the idea.

Obviously, you can arrange your photos and do whatever you will with them to tell us a story about your Vices and Virtues. You can also make as many of them as you want and still be awesome BUT only one will be used in the contest. If you want to draw Vices and Virtues, KNOCK YOURSELF OUT. We accept anything that we can look at that has pretty colours.

One of these days we’ll get around to having you all do some Fics, but just not right now D:


Part of any awesome contest is awesome stuff that you get FOR FREE because you are a bad ass. So take a gander at what you will get:

That little camera in the middle is a Holga 35mm FILM Camera. Yes, it uses actual film. Did your head just EXPLODE? Back in Yon Days of Yore, when I used to walk to school, 25 miles each way, through 3 feet of snow, we used to take pictures with cameras that had film in them. I am shaking my digital fist at you. There is also some film there. You know, so you can put in IN the camera, take pictures, and have it developed. ITS LIKE CHRISTMAS! That Hot Shots book is like the Judy Blume of photography books. It tackles difficult questions for you and presents you with ways in which you can use your mammal brain for max solvability. The last book there is called Cats Are Weird because Bree and I am throwing this contest and we like cats so you’re going to get this book and you’re going to like it.


Your entries will be judged on the following things below by this dude here (because I don’t judge).

Originality, composition, and basic all out thought & time it took you put together your Vices and Virtues photo. This is the main component.

Buzzes. We want people to Buzz your stuff. The thing is, if you took a picture of a shoe that’s blurry because your cell phone fell out of your hand and its over-exposed to the dickens but it has a bajillion buzzes, that’s going to be a “no.” Please put some thought into your works of art.

~ Deadline/Entry Rules ~

I would have loved to have a proper 2 weeks for this to get under way but thanks to Panic! At The Disco and their “Let’s push the release a week earlier!” deal, we can’t. So, the deadline will be:

Thursday, 24 March, 2011 at 11:59 P.M (Pacific Whatever Time, cuz that’s where I live).

Winner will be announced Friday, 25 March 2011. Party!

This contest is open to all registered members of Buzznet.

Once you upload your photo to Buzznet, TAG IT with “VicesAndVirtues2011” and DROP ME A NOTE SO I CAN GO LOOK AT IT.

Need some inspiration? Check out NewAgeAmazon and the P!ATD MEGA POST. Also, check out this snazzy Get The Look I did based on P!ATD’s “The Ballad of Mona Lisa.”

So, Buzznet,

What are your Vices and Virtues?