My Top 10 of Britney’s outfits & accessories – March 2011

Here I am with the third blog about my fav Britney’s outfits and accessories. This month hasn’t been only a choice about her paparazzi’s shots but also from her costumes on stage in Las Vegas, San Francisco and during Jimmy Kimmel Live Show.

#10 Studded black boots (March 13th)

#9 Outfit during shopping in Calabasas (March 23rd)

#8 Sweater during Sean’s little baseball league (March 19th)

#7 Outfit during Sean’s league (March 6th)

#6 Scarf @ LAX airport toward Vegas (March 24th)

#5 HIAM’s costume for GMA (March 27th)

#4 HIAM’s costume for JKL (March 29th)

#3 TTWE’s costume for GMA (March 27th)

#2 TTWE’s costume for JKL (March 29th)

#1 BIG FAT BASS’ costume for GMA (March 27th)