Tarja’s blog #5 – New tour starting today

March 5th, 2011

Hola a todos desde Mexico DF!

We arrived to DF few days ago for rehearsals and everything has been just great.

It is nice to have Doug and Julian with us this time. The rehearsals were intense, but rewarding since we went through a huge amount of songs, including some new ones too. So, now we are ready to rock the South American audiences! I really cannot wait to hear the screams again!!!

The sun is shining in Mexico and it made the whole band really happy, because most of the people could leave the cold weather behind. I instead, have been enjoining the sun in Buenos Aires for some time and it’s been wonderful to regain my energies back. Now I truly feel that I am in my best condition to perform.

It was a tough job, since I was rehearsing daily singing, going for a run or swim 6 times a week…but it was worth the sweat I guess.

Last night after the rehearsals we went out for a stroll in the city, just to see a bit more than our cosy hotel room’s interior. This city is SO huge and it feels it never sleeps. Well, 30 million people is a quite a lot of people! We are all very excited to start a new tour. It feels it’s been ages since, even though that is not true. Every one of us has been busy on their own, but now it feels good to get together again.

Looking forward to meet my crazy, lovely fans down here…I will keep you posted along our way.

Soundcheck is over and everything is ready for the first show!

With love, Tarja