Tarja @ Rock in Rio 2011

Tarja Turunen special guest September 25th, 2011.Tarja has been invited to a guest performance with the Brazilian band Angra in their upcoming Rock in Rio show on September 25th, 2011. Message from Tarja: “Rock in Rio is one of the biggest festivals and happenings in the world still today. It has been amazing to follow the stunning list of great performers in this event in the past. I am very delighted and happily surprised about the invitation I got from Angra to take part of their performance in Rio this year. It´s an honour for me and a lot of fun. I am sure that our fans will be excited about this collaboration, as we both parties are as well. I have known the guys from Angra for few years already and worked closely with Kiko Loureiro, so it’s nice to make this thing happen. As this is not my own show, we are starting now to check with the guys what songs will be both interesting and challenging for us to perform together. But for sure you can expect some surprises ! We are going to have fun and rock together with the people in Rio! Can’t wait!” Other important European Summer Festivals will soon be announced.