SXSW 2011… So Far

I’m sitting here at Jen’s hotel with a “cold” (it’s not very cold) compress on my massive spider bite, mentally preparing myself for a day of MUCH MUSIC.

What have I done so far? Saw Foster the People on Thurs night (they’re pretty, but they’re like a sandwich with no condiments. I know it’s good music I just DON’T WANT IT). Caught Gatsby’s American Dream last night–I don’t know their songs word for word, but the crowd was SO INTO IT because it’s only the SECOND show they played in 5 years. Welcome back bros!

The Buzznet Kiss Me Deadly party went off without a hitch! Jac Vanek interviewed a bunch of the bands, and I covered Eisley and Kerli. I wasn’t exactly the life of the party because I have A COLD and I don’t want to spread it. Mostly I just want to sleep it off.

A big thing about SXSW is the free drinks, but I’m picky, and I don’t have any desire to drink during the day.

I saw Gold Motel at Maggie Mae’s yesterday morning, and got a few photos:

Love them! They’re writing for the second album right now.

And now I’m off to the Alt Press show followed by a meeting with the good people of Hopeless Records and then Panic at the Disco!

Do you know how insane the next week is going to be? The AP Tour, Cardiology Tour and GK tour all roll through Los Angeles, AND 3/22 marks the release of both Panic and Yellowcard‘s new music!