Snake in the City!

A 20-inch Egyptian cobra has escaped at the Bronx Zoo. Officials have closed down the reptile house to search for it, and have said they are “confident” that the snake is, in fact, still inside the zoo.

That POOR Snake! He finally gets out for a bit in New York and all he gets to see is the inside of the Bronx Zoo? Not fair. So, through the magic of MS Paint and Imagination, I give you: ADVENTURES OF SNAKE IN THE CITY!

Snake Visits the Empire State Building!

Snake Visits Time Square and is alarmed by the lack of snake-based musicals on Broadway!

Snake Tries To Hail a Cab with NO ARMS!

HILARITY, I tell you! NBC, get on this. I’ll be waiting for my check.

(All New York City images are by Uncle Leo on Flickr and are used under a Creative Commons License.)