On Set Disco Fever

I shot an ediorial at my friends store yesterday, we were leaning twards 70s roller derby style. I forgot my camera so my phone photos will have to do. I saw some sneak peeks at the images already and I know its going to be killer! We started around noon and finished around 8pm. I was so exhausted I ordered natchos to go and was asleep by 10pm. Sometimes an early bedtime is a must. Im rushing on the Tokyolux S/S collection this week, I just saw the mock ups of the glitter & sequin appliques, im so happy with them! This week starts Los Angeles fashion week… wamp wamp. I have a list of events to sort through and pick if anything catches my eye.

Today im having brunch at my favorite raw resturant followed by a homemade pancake dinner… it is national pancake day after all!

I can’t wait for you guys to see the new collection! P.S those aren’t my real bangs.