Seeking Dreams……Chapter Ninty-One

Jared is now awake.

He was startled from the bang.

He looks around for a moment and sees that Gabrielle is out of the room.

“Gabs” he says now jumping out of bed and then seconds later running out the bedroom door.

“Gabrielle!” he yells through the house now.

“What?!” Gabrielle calls from the dining room.

“Good, stay there” he says to her and then he runs towards the front door.

He then rips it open and then sees that the guy that lives next to them car’s is getting fixed.

“One in the damn morning fixing a car!” Jared then says now slamming the door shut.

“No one?” Gabrielle asks when Jared as he walks back in.

“No, one of the guys next door is having car trouble so….” He says now sitting down in one of the chairs.

“So that was the bang” Gabrielle says now sitting next to him.


“Hum. Lets go to bed” Gabrielle says now getting up and putting her hand on Jared’s back. And then she heads off back upstairs.

“Easy for you to say” Jared says now sitting back and sighing.