Question of the Day: What Are Your Thoughts On Workplace Romance?

This sounds vaguely familiar. I don’t know if we’ve done this as a QOTD and I am too lazy to be bothered to look. Anyway, there is this MAJOR HOTTIE here in the office and I’m totally kidding. There is NO ONE hot in the office and that makes me sad. Am I just supposed to sit here and stare at the old produce that my cowokers bring into the office instead of hotties with bodies? LIFE = UNFAIR.

Since I work on the internet, that means that my coworkers are GIF images that never end. I am currently in love with them because they look like this:

Bree works with pizza, so she is totes in love with it:

If you don’t have a workplace yet, IMAGINE THAT YOU DID. What if someone you worked with wanted to be all ROMANTICAL with you? Would you do it? Would be all PROFESSH and be all “NAH, SORRY?” Well?

Same questions apply for those of you with jobs.

What are your thoughts on workplace romance?