Question of the Day: If You Could Create A Fantasy Land, What Would It Be Like?

Today is the release of Sucker Punch. Truth be told, this movie looks fascinating to me. It has all kinds of things I like in it such as fights, quests, women that kick ass, and magic items and stuff. Buzznet’s Armen and Patty went to the press junket a few days back and shared with us the goods in this here blog:

“10 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Sucker Punch

Since this flick is all about lands of make believe, that got the gears in our heads a turnin’. The rules for this QOTD are simple: You can either create your very own fantasy land or tell us about one that you’ve already heard about but want to visit anyway.

Let me show you a place that already exists. I give to you La Planete Sauvage:

This place is so weird. It’s a movie from who knows when but all you need to know about it is that it’s amazing. Oh and it’s set to weird music that sounds like porn tunes.

So those blue things there aren’t people. They are Draag children. People there are called Oms and they are usually kept as pets and made to do circus tricks for food and such. Some Oms run wild and they are a problem for the Draag people. To rid themselves of these pests, they exterminate them. Turns out that some of the Oms get together and then havoc ensues. It’s a totally mind blowing film.

I want to go there because there are lots of weird creatures there and crystals grow on stuff and you can shatter them by whistling. The creators of this film were on drugs probably. That’s ok, though, because it’s awesome.

If You Could Create A Fantasy Land, What Would It Be Like?