Question of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Song From The 80’s?

Let me tell you about Yasi. She just BLEW MY MIND with one of her tales that makes my life seem like a pile of failure stacked on top of the Jenga blocks of despair. Apparently, she was flown out to Tokyo to DJ for a month or something and all she did was drink and be awesome and stuff. Who is she? I don’t even know.

So we were talking about songs from the 80’s (because that’s kind of when all the best music was made) and we thought that this question would be perfs for today. It’s not that music now isn’t any good, I’m just old and stuck in my ways. Music is just different. Don’t get me wrong, I love lots of music from now but all my childhood memories are stuck to stuff from back then.

Here’s what we were rocking out to this morning:

** Post as many songs as you’d like, as i DGAF **

What’s your favorite song from the 80’s?