Question of the Day: What Is the Best Concert You’ve Ever Seen?

You like going to shows, right? Yes, yes you do. You have probably been to a lot of them. If you haven’t, well it’s time you started to. So. That leads us to today.

The above photo is of my glorious Chris. He is the brain that is behind IAMX. I shot that photo during their Kingdom of Welcome Addiction Tour. SHAMELESS SELF PROMO of my own photos. Eat it. Anyway, that concert was REALLY GOOD. I didn’t even know what to expect because mostly I just listened to IAMX on my headphones and didn’t know that my mind was going to blown away the way it was. It was a rad show.

I have been to a few shows here and there but it’s totally amazeballs when you go to a show and things happen that you just didn’t know would happen at all or didn’t even expect. I wish I had photos of the first time I went to Polar Bear Club. OMG THAT WAS AMAZING. I love them so hard. Anyway, now its your turn:

Out of all the shows that you have ever been to, which of them was the best that you ever went to?