Photo of the Day Task-tacular Extravaganza: Crimson & Clover

With St. Patrick’s Day sneaking up on us like A Praise Chorus (do u c wut i did thr?), I thought it would be extra rad to do a photo assignment/task around this most festive of days that over-floweth with green beer.

Photo By: SnakeBoat

The Rules:

If you choose to play this fun game, try to keep your photo in the theme of St. Patrick’s Day. That means GREEN STUFF, Clovers, Leprechauns, so on and so forth. You can also show us lucky symbols like everything that comes in a box of Lucky Charms and what not. Go nuts.

We also accept drawings and limericks!

The due date will be the 17th, which is next Thursday. I want to turn our Photos page into a CLOVERFIELD or something like that. Don’t forget to tell me in a note or something that you’ve done this little project so that I can put your werks in the photo feed. Let’s see what you got, Buzznet!

<3, your POTD ringleader