Pete Wentz vs. Concert Douchebag… Guess Who Wins?

As you hopefully know, Pete Wentz’s new project, the Black Cards, are on tour with Travie McCoy right now.

As you ALSO might know, there tends to be THAT GUY at concerts. You know, the one who makes everything MISERABLE for the people around him? Sometimes THAT GUY isn’t that bad, just obnoxious. But apparently, at a recent tour stop, THAT GUY was worse than usual.

See THAT GUY at this particular show? Decided to get drunk, start yelling racist stuff at the other acts on the tour and fondle girls in the audience. So, basically being the ultimate form of THAT GUY.

Sometimes when this sort of stuff happens at shows, all you can do is try to get away from THAT GUY. But when Pete Wentz is involved? Well, THAT GUY gets more than he signed on for. Because Pete called THAT GUY out from onstage.

“You’re making fun of Travis and you’re making fun of Donnis and that’s not cool. And I met you on the street and you were really nice to me, so don’t be the guy who becomes a drunk asshole and makes racist comments and f*cking fondles girls. That’s gross. So we’re gonna give you a break for right now, but if one of the girls says something again, I’m gonna come out there and we’re gonna have to leave.”

There’s video of the whole thing in a vid blog over here.

It’s really great to see Pete calling out douchebags like this in the audience. There is NO REASON to have to put up with that sort of stuff at a show. And there is no reason that your concert-going experience should be hampered by some dude who apparently never learned how to be polite and/or to hold his booze.

If you end up near THAT GUY at a show, don’t let him get away with his crap. Call him out on it, loudly. If he’s touching you, if he’s saying stuff that is NOT OKAY yell in his face to stop it. Yell loud, get security. Whatever you do, don’t just ignore it. Guys like that are trying to test the limits, to see how much people will put up with. If we cut them off the SECOND we start to feel uncomfortable, then they learn pretty quickly that they can’t get away with ANY of it. Or, well, maybe they DON’T learn right away, but then they get kicked out of shows and they’re not your problem anymore, right?

Granted, it DOES help when one of the acts on the tour calls THAT GUY out. But that’s just yet another reason we love Pete Wentz.


Blacks Cards Live at Metro in Chiacago, IL