An Ode to Cheap Monday

Swedish clothing label Cheap Monday basically defines the modern skinny jean. And season after season they redefine it and redefine it and redefine it…

I know summer is fast-approaching (not the ideal time of year for pants), yet I still find myself sitting here ordering pair after pair of them.

SS 2011 Catalogue

Sites like 80’s Purple, tobi, and Urban Outfitters Online (and some stores, too!), sell their embellished skinnies as well as other pieces from Cheap Monday’s collections like accessories, tops, and dresses.

A look featuring Cheap Monday denim from 80’s Purple’s latest lookbook.
Zip Low Skinny Jeans in Tied on
Tuxedo Tight Skinny Jeans in Black on
Tight Skinny Jeans in Strap on