New and Improved Sharing Options on Buzznet!

Reblogged from El Rich

If anyone ever asks (and they do all the time), what makes Buzznet the place that it is, you can tell them it is your posts about the latest clothes sashaying their way down the cat walk, your photos of bunnies under a Lincoln Log house, and the videos that you post because you want to talk with a moustache on. You have lots to share and we want to help you do that!

In an attempt to make things easier for you to share all of your content in as many places as possible, we offer you these shiny new options:

We made the share options more prominent. You can now use the Facebook “Like” option, Tweet, StumbleUpon, Email and Embed Code options with greater ease.

We also want you all to get in the spirit of buzzing, re-blogging, and featuring the things you love.

To do this, we have made the buttons larger. For example, if you press the “comment button” you will be taken to the “enter comment” field below. We also want you to report things with greater ease so that we can get anything not appropriate off the site ASAP.

For you OG Buzznet members: Do you remember the old logged out side bar? We are bringing that back with the “Stuff You’ll Like” section:

On the right hand side, you can now see the latest posts that people are Buzzing and commenting on.

You will also be able to see if something is added to a group (beneath the tags & comment/buzz buttons).

What do you think of the snazzy new buttons? What do you all think of these changes? We’d love your feedback.