Movie of the day: Black Swan

I’m just come back to the cinema with my mom and we finally watched Black Swan, in Italy it has been released on February 18 and I was so anxious and excited to watch it because i love dance, i love this type of movie, and i love Natalie Portman, one of my fav actress ever: she deserved the Oscar, she’s perfect!

How it’s been shot the movie is something mainly caught my attention. How the camera follow Nina (Natalie Portman) in her movements and displacement is fantastic: put the viewer in the same daze condition.

Cinema is the mirror of the soul and in Black Swan, mirror is one of the main characters: symbol of introspection, illusion, dark side hidden in ourselves. Imagines tell the story, dialogues stay in the background.

Aronofsky doesn’t explain at 100% everything like Nina & her mother relationship and the reasons because Nina scretches oneself until to hurts her, developing doubts and uncertainties.

A mix of psychological thriller, drama and horror moments rend this movie perfect and full of pathos and excitment, the hypnotic atmosphere makes freeze the viewer.

The carillon from sweet melodies in the course of the movie turns in disturbing tons and a mother who continues to treat her daughter as a baby. To high impact pink and white tons of Nina’s room and the rest of the other scenes: dark, grey and with sober colours.

The cast is excellent and the role are amazing as the makeup, that like the carillon turns from pure almost nonexistent to black and silver emphasing the evil aspect.

I think this is one of the best movie I’ve ever seen in whole my life.

Vote: 10!