Miley Cyrus Yells At Pap… Don’t Mess With Her Mama!

(Photo Credit: X17 Online)

Fresh off her Saturday Night Live appearance this past weekend, Miley Cyrus was out doing lunch with her mom Tish at L.A. eatery California Chicken Cafe today, when an eager paparrazzo made a beeline for Miley as her mom was passing by him. Miley became enraged, convinced that the cameraman had bumped into her mother.

E! News reports that Miley rushed over to the man saying, “What the…? OK, are you serious?”

Angry, she went on, “You just hit my mom with your camera.”

The cameraman denied hitting Tish, saying he would “…never disrespect” Miley’s mother.

Miley didn’t believe the paparazzo and went on to scold him, saying, “Yes you did… You just ran into my mom with your camera. Don’t ever do that again. You just almost hurt my mom. Don’t you ever even think about it… You just hit my mom.”

Don’t MESS with Miley and her mama!

So, did the cameraman hit Tish with his camera? Was Miley being a protective daughter? See the footage below for yourself:

Despite her rocky relationship with her father these days, it looks like Miley still has her family’s backs!

Do you think Miley was out of line or do you think that pap got what he deserved?