My March Top 10 Chart

Last day of March and it’s time for create my chart about my most listened songs in this month, well… I must admit in those 2 days I listened over 5 million of times Britney’s new album but I will not put all her songs, even though there’s something about Britney in this top 10 and also about one of her last collaboration…


#10 Look at me now – Chris Brown ft, Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes

3 of the best hip hop’s singers all together for a collaboration. Heaven.

#9 She’s got nothing on (but the radio) – Roxette

Roxette’s come back in great style. Their sound is recognizable since the first note. For the nostalgics.

#8 You saved me – Skunk Anansie

Who said rockers don’t know write ballad and romantic songs? This is one of the best ever and Skin’s voice is damn wonderful.

#7 Can I – Tina ft. Mya

I discoverred this song for case, when one day I was surfing on YT, and I must say: i really like it! A really sexy duo and great voices

#6 Ad occhi chiusi – Virginio

Only one Italian song in my chart. Virginio is the winner of the last edition of AMICI talent show, I really love his voice and the way he writes songs and his voice is deep and soft. A romantic ballad.

#5 21st century girl – Willow

Little Smith doesn’t disappoint! This little girl is a really revealation and she is damn talent and she wallops her wormates more old than her. She is absolutely destinated to become one of the new icon of the music business

#4 On the floor – J.Lo ft. Pitbull

Record of view on YT, in less than a month it got over 63 million of views. For J.Lo is just a great moment not only about music, she would become mom another time and we can only wish it to her really soon!

#3 Price Tag – Jessie J ft. B.o.B.

This girl is a hurricane… she can sings every genre of music and doesn’t do a mistake, ever! I’m totally agree with Justin Timberlake: “She’s the best new female voice at the moment”. I advice to everyone to go at store and buy her album, money is damn spent in a great way!

#2 Just can’t enough – B.E.P.

Make me shiver the fact this video has been shot only one week before the Japanese tragedy, I think this video and this song should be a hymn for what happened almost a month ago in Japan and remember not for another great song of this amazing band, but for where has been shot and where one time there was everything and now there’s nothing: only pain and tears

#1 Till The World Ends – Britney Spears

And Britney conquers one more time the top of my chart, were you thinking that I didn’t put her at #1? Well, you were wrong 😉 This amazing song, #2 on USA iTunes charts, produced by duo Martin/Luke is another smash hit of the Queen of Pop, in wait to watch the official video, check out the wonderful JKL’s performance

Which’s your top 10 of this month?