How Many Stars Did I Give ‘HOP’?

Hey guys! I went to a screening ofHOP screening this weekend with mediocre expectations, but I’m not one to turn down a movie let alone a free one. I not only saw the film, I also took some great photos with the “cast” of the film after the screening. Let’s see what kind of rating I gave HOP

HOP is a family comedy where the main character E.B. (played by Russell Brand) runs away to Hollywood to pursue drumming rather then fulfill his destiny of becoming the next Easter Bunny. Once in Hollywood, E.B. encounters Fred (played by James Marsden) – an unemployed slacker thats takes in E.B. and finds himself living with the worst house guest ever. Meanwhile, back on Easter Island (E.B.’s home), a baby chick is plotting to take over Easter. Both E.B. and Fred must work together to save Easter.


Let me just say this movie is HILARIOUS! I am not one to go see movies geared toward little kids, let alone an animated feature… it’s just not my thing. However, HOP is such a fun movie. It turns out it’s geared toward adults as well as children. I’m giving this movie five stars because I think it deserves it!

Not only is it extremely funny, it also does an amazing job combining real life film with computer generated animation. There is just enough animation to make it feel youthful, but not enough to be annoying. I really could go on for days about why this movie is so funny, but I don’t want to ruin any of the jokes. This film is a must see, and hey you can do your parents a “favor” and take your little brother or sister, aka they will probably flip the bill… It’s a win-win!

HOP is rated PG and in theaters worldwide Apr 1, 2011

Will you go see HOP April 1st? Tell us your review and star rating!

What are you doing for Easter? Are you inspired to get int he holiday spirit now? I was 😉