How Many Stars Did Buzznet Give ‘Sucker Punch’?

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Our movie moles, Armen and Patty went to a Sucker Punch screening last weekend. They also went to the press day and found out 10 weird facts about the movie from the cast and director. Let’s see what kind of rating the Buzznet experts give Sucker Punch…

Sucker Punch is an action-packed fantasy thriller where the lead character, Baby Doll, uses her imagination to create a fantasy world where she can escape the dark reality in which she lives. After being locked away against her will, Baby Doll (played by Emily Browning), is determined to fight for her freedom.


Sucker Punch is a visually stunning film that is loaded with action. I will say that I was personally sucker punched with this movie because the trailers and ads make the film seem like a badass action film about five girls who are trying to save a futuristic world. However the film is really a fantasy world in a fantasy world, that keeps you at the edge of your seat waiting for more. There is great emotional attachment to each of the characters in the film, yes even the evil ones. I was captivated by their story and struggles and wanted them to succeed and concur their freedom. Overall I’d give this movie four out of five stars because my eyes were tantalized and my mind was forced to pay attention, all things I love in a movie.


Let me be the first to say that I don’t normally watch these types of movies. I’m strictly a rom-com, slap-stick comedy, and the occasional suspense thriller-kinda gal. And in special circumstances, I will get dragged by my guy friends to go watch the midnight showing of a movie about a comic book (Scott Pilgrim anyone?). That being said, I will admit: Sucker Punch truly sucker punched me! What I really enjoyed about the movie is that it had something for everyone: gorgeous gals wearing smokin’ costumes (for the guys), strong-willed relatable females as main characters (for the ladies), action packed sequences with weapons and monsters (for the action lovers), a mind racing “what’s real-what’s fantasy” storyline (for the mind-stimulating film-goers). Visually speaking, it was a masterpiece. Bravo Zack Snyder on yet another hit!

Will you go see Sucker Punch this weekend? Tell us your review and star rating!

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