The Lost City of Atlantis Finally Found?

In case you missed the NatGeo special on this, University of Hartford professor Richard Freund believes he has finally discovered the lost city of Atlantis!

It has been theorized that Atlantis disappeared so suddenly due to an enormous tsunami thousands of years ago, that swiftly buried it under the sea. Freund and his team chose to follow clues left behind by the philosopher Plato. They concentrated their search efforts on the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea using radar equipment, digital mapping and satellite images to locate what they believe to be the remains of Atlantis in mud flats to the north of Cadiz, Spain.

Plato first mentioned the city of Atlantis in his dialogues and he spoke of a city lost by earthquake or tsunami some 9,000 years before his writing. Plato claimed that the story he tells came from the stories of some of Ancient Egypt’s priests. Others claim that the city is fictional and made up by Plato himself.

There have been tons of locations previously thought to hold the remains of the lost city from Bermuda to Santorini.

Do you believe that Atlantis is fact or fiction?