Life Lessons With Adventure Time: Episode 1 – Slumber Party Panic

If you don’t know what Adventure Time is, I feel bad for you son. Mostly, this is a cartoon where our heros, Jake and Finn, go around the Land of Ooo doing hero stuff and saving the day. There is a whole cast of characters in every episode and we will talk about them as they come up.

In this first episode, Slumber Party Panic, Princess Bubblegum creates a Decorpse-anator serum that brings back her beloved candy peeps FROM THE DEAD. She miscalculates her serum and then the candy people that she tries to bring back turn into zombies.

Rather than telling the candy people what’s happening, Princess Bubblegum makes Finn ROYAL PROMISE to keep the zombies thing a secret. She does this because CANDY PEOPLE EXPLODE WHEN THEY ARE SCARED.

As Princess Bubblegum perfects her serum, Finn has to keep the people from finding out what’s happening by creating elaborate lies that are actually party games. There’s a dance party, window block-cading, and pinata style zombie bashing. It turns out that zombies turn into candy when they are given a beat down and their insides are delicious.

Once all the zombies were defeated, Finn broke his royal promise and then shit got real. He and Princess Bubblegum were whisked away by the Gumball Guardians, thanks to the treachery of Finn. The Gumball Guardians decreed that Finn be subjected a “Trial by Fire.” Since he and Princess Bubblegum were BFFS, the Gumball Guardians decided to give Finn this crazy math problem.

Finn was excited but it turns out that he’s really bad at math, which is weird cuz you know, he’s always saying things like, “Algebraic!” and what not.

Anyway, the Gumball Guardians give Finn a WAY HARDER problem and he totally wins at it and then the Gumball dudes pop and junk.

Things I learned from this episode:

1. Don’t F with Decorpseantor Serums if you don’t know precisely what you are doing.

2. Sometimes it’s ok to lie to people so that they don’t FLIP OUT. You know, so they don’t explode and stuff.

** I don’t know how I feel about this. On the one hand, I don’t want the candy people to explode. On the other, I don’t think it’s necessary to lie to your public in order to protect them. OMG ITS LIKE AMERICA.

3. Don’t feed Jake chocolate or fudge, because he’ll probably die.

4. What were Jake and Lady Rainicorn doing in the closet for 7 minutes? Where did that donut Jake was eating come from?

5. Don’t break royal promises or else you’ll have to solve crazy math problems, and math problems are usually hard.

6. Don’t squeeze Starchy or he’ll fart.

So what did we learn? Don’t mess with things you aren’t supposed to unless you really know what you’re doing and sometimes it’s ok to lie. Don’t break your promises. Oh and zombies are delicious/made out of candy.

Awesome word count:

“SLAMACOW” makes it’s first vocal appearance.“Algebraic and “Mathmatical” are said one time each.

Feel free to post your fave moments from this episode. Post gifs or whatever else you want that’s Adventure Time themed. Party!