Life Lessons With Adventure Time: Episode 1.2 – Trouble In Lumpy Space

Today’s episode is “Trouble In Lumpy Space.” As you may have guessed, there is trouble that just so happens to take place in Lumpy Space. Lumpy Space is where Lumpy Space Princess (LSP) lives, with her parents and all the other lumpy peoples.

The episode opens up with the Mallow Tea Ceremony. Here we see Princess Bubblegum, Jake, Finn, Lumpy Space Princess, and Hot Dog Princess drinking tea while bouncing on marshmallows. Well, everyone except for LSP is bouncing because she floats and stuff.

When Finn points this out to LSP, she turns off her floating powers, falls, and bites Jake on the leg.

The Lumpification Process begins! According to LSP, it’s like werewolf rules RAWR. Jake soon starts to become lumpy. Princess Bubblegum asks LSP if there’s an antidote. Turns out that there is, just that it’s in Lumpy Space and Jake has to use it before sundown or else he will be lumpy FOREVA.

Jake, Finn, and LSP have to go the porthole between the two worlds to get to Lumpy Space, which is this:

Yup. A frog on a mushroom. Oh and the password to get to Lumpy Space is:

With the password being said, our space adventuring friends are whisked away into the frog and magically teleported by it’s tongue to Lumpy Space. LSP’s parents, who are conjoined (eww) want to know why LSP brought smoothies into Lumpy Space. LSP rages out and gets her parents mad and she is banned from using the car, which is the only way to get around in Lumpy Space, lest you fall into the LUMPY ABYSS.

It is when LSP is banned from using the car that she exclaims, “I LUMPIN’ HATE THEM!”

On to Plan B. LSP’s friend, Melissa, has a car. LSP starts to call Melissa to hitch a ride across Lumpy Space. Oh wait, let me tell you why they need a car. It turns out that the antidote is on a patch of Lumpy Space that is across a void – THE LUMPY ABYSS. Since Jake & Finn aren’t lumpy, attempting to cross the vast expanse of space that separates them from the antidote would mean THEIR DOOM.

Turns out that Mellissa tells LSP about the PROM-COMING and they totally have to go.

LSP gets all excited and she’s all:

“o0o0o o0o0 o0o0o0o”

Finn, becoming evermore impatient, grabs the cell phone from LSP and imitates her. I LOL’d FOR DAYZ at this.

Melissa shows up and off they go. During the ride, Jake starts to LUMPY even more:

Here’s Melissa: She’s all like, “Hi FEEEEEEEEEN.”

And now comes the ~DRAMZ~ Melissa is now dating Brad, who used to eat chili cheese fries with LSP. Mucho romantic tension is soon to arise.

Melissa also thought that Finn wanted to make out with her and she gets flippin’ mad and she’s all “I HAVE A BOYFRIEND FEEEEEEEEN!”

So they pick up Brad and off they go to meet up with the keepers of the antidote, the Smooth Posers:

See that little orb that one dude is sitting on? That’s the antidote. Mostly these dudes just take turns on the orb and stay smooth for however long they sit on it. When Finn is getting the antidote for Jake, LSP comes along and RUINS EVERYTHING:

She’s all like, “Just give ’em the antidote and stop being such a poser.” So then the dudes take the orb back and Finn chews her out and then like, LSP is all EMO and junk and she’s all:


She asks Jake if he’s coming and af first, he’s all “No blah blah blah speech about Finn blah blah blah..” and then he TURNS FULL LUMPY!

Off he goes to prom coming!

Finn gets all super mad and starts punching junk:

After noticing Finn’s DIRECTIONLESS FURY (which is the name of my HxC band), the Smooth Posers come back and give Finn the orb.

Finn now has the Smooth Posers bit him so that he can turn lumpy, float across the Lumpy Abyss and literally crash the Prom-Coming dance to save Jake.

That’s almost lumpy Finn trying to get Lumpy Jake to sit on the orb. Jake doesn’t want to turn smooth and then they BOTH turn lumpy:

So then Finn is all, something like, “I didn’t want you to sit on the orb anyway.” And then Jake is all like, “O WUT SO NOW I CAN’T HAVE IT?” And then they both start fighting over the orb. Jake turns smooth first and then he tries to get Finn to sit on the orb but he doesn’t want to. As they are fighting again, Finn becomes unconsious. Jake brings Finn back like so:

Finn wakes up sitting on the orb, all nice and smooth:

Things are said, apolgies made, and then everyone dances:

Awesome Word Count:

There were ZERO “Algebraics.” Zero “Mathmaticals.” “HamaCow” was uttered once.

Weird Stuff: Melissa is “BFF 66” in LSP’s cell phone voice command thing. LSP says, “It just means what it means.”

So. What did we learn from this episode? Let’s take a look.

1. Don’t bite people. You might give them your amoebas. Yes, your lumpy amoebas. 2. Frogs/Mushrooms are portholes to other worlds. Yes, the creators of AT are telling us that it’s ok to use MIND ALTERING SUBSTANCES (such as eating mushrooms and licking frogs) to transport your mind to other realms. Ok well, maybe they weren’t trying to tell us that but that’s what I’m taking away from this. 3. No matter how jerk like you think your parents are, don’t tick them off. You know, because they can embargo you from using the car and stuff. 4. Go to Prom-Coming, EVERY WEEK. All the cool kids are doing it. 5. Don’t date your the ex of your BFF, even if you are their 66th BFF. You might like, make them sad or something. 6. Don’t eat chili cheese fries with dudes named Brad because he’s just gonna go out with ur BFF when you two break up anyway. 7. Don’t say the wrong thing to people when your friends need help. Sometimes, the people you are mean to won’t help out your chums because of you being a terd. 8. No matter how lumpy your friends get, don’t turn your back on them. Help them out and make things all smooth with them again. Everyone has lumpy patches in life and you can always count on your homies to stick it out with you. 9. ALWAYS TAKE TIME TO DANCE.

That’s all!