Killjoy Jackets – only available in the USA? WHAT!?

So, if you head on over to MCR’s website, you’ll notice the drop dead AWESOME jackets available, in the styles of Party Poison, Kobra Kid, Fun Ghoul and Jet Star.

When I saw these, I’m gonna admit I totally geeked out. I HAD to have one. (Party Poison, please.) So, I strolled on over to the website & looked on the UK store… no jackets. I checked, featured, hoodies, hell I even checked accessories. However when I look on the US store, there they are! I CALL FOR THESE KICK-ASS JACKETS TO BE AVAILABLE IN BRITAIN!

(1, Party Poison. 2, Kobra Kid. 3, Fun Ghoul. 4, Jet Star)

(Photo’s on

Are they awesome as f*ck, or are they awesome as f*ck?! What do you guys think of them?