Kerli Answers Your Questions


As promised, I’m gonna pick some questions from my formspring and answer them here. <3 Feel free to discuss anything in the world in the comments.

Q:Kerli- I love you and you are super inspiring. How did you pick the theme of integrity+love+unity?

These 3 things, for me are the basis of everything I believe in.

INTEGRITY It all starts with having integrity. One should have strength and courage to follow their own truth, speak their own language, fulfill their own dreams. One should not be scared of paving their own path. Be fair, be honest, be decent. Be respectful to yourself and others will be respectful to you. Don’t be scared to fly high cause it will inspire others.

LOVE When you feel fulfilled, you feel happy – You feel love. When it comes to love, you always come first. If you don’t love yourself, you can’t truly love anyone else either. I always tell myself to stay in love. When you stay in your heart, when you feel compassion – that’s when you’re the most Godlike. Remember – no one has it easy here on earth, it’s a tough thing to be born as a human. Tapping into that state of love and compassion helps us truly become the creators of our reality and once we start looking at the world through loves eyes, we can see that this is Heaven. It’s all just perception.

UNITY Once everyone feels love within them, we can start spreading it and connecting to other people that are love-minded. These connections will happen almost by itself because when you radiate love, you will attract the ones that do as well. We are all just cells in a big body and it’s bigger than just me or you. When another cell is sick or hurting, our body is sick and hurting. But instead of worrying about what’s going on with other cells and making our cell sick as well, we need to radiate more love so that the body can heal itself faster.

Q:How can I get my parents to accept the way I dress? I live in a very strict and overly-conservative dress culture and I would love to have the opportunity to be the wild-dressed person I am. It’s not anything bad, just jeans in dark colos and bright neon

I hear you. I as well used to live in a very narrow-minded small town where u were not supposed to be anything out of the ordinary. I was the first person in my town to get piercings and weird colored hair and all this stuff and u can only imagine how embarrassed my family was because of me. It hurt and it sucked but I guess I just kinda fought it out with them. I did what I wanted to do and although it broke my heart having everyone say mean things to me – that’s their problem. By the time i got the 4th piercing in my face, my mom didn’t even notice it. Life is nothing but a moment and we all have the right to make our moment just as exciting, colorful and wacky as we want. Just do your thing. <3

This is me at 16.

Q:Are you a vegetarian?

I used to be but I’m not anymore. I just always kinda do what my body tells me to and at some point a year ago I traveled to Europe and it was so cold and I needed to start eating some meat again. I try to watch where my animal product comes from. If I can, I’ll get everything free range and organic. To me, being vegetarian was strictly an ethical thing. Humans have eaten meat since the beginning of our times so I think it’s a natural thing. A long time ago our men would go and hunt the animals for food. A lot of times they would ask for forgiveness from the animal spirit and would be grateful for the flesh that was about to feed their family. Every bit of an animal was used – fur for warmth, meat for food, grease to make soap, etc. But there’s so many of us now that we need to have slaughter houses where the animals are fed corn and other unnatural stuff, they’re dirty and they’re crammed into these small spaces. It’s really sad. So I’m trying to not support that. I don’t get angry when other people eat McDonald’s all day without realizing that fast food chains own 80% of the slaughter houses in the country because I get it : fast food is cheap. Mass produced stuff is cheap and if u have 10 bucks to feed your whole family, I’m not gonna be judging. However, I think that if we can, it would be really nice if we could support treating animals nicely. It hurts me that humans consider themselves somewhat superior to other species. We’re not. Plants and animals are amazing.

Q : have you ever pretended to be alseep just so could hear what your parent’s or someone else was talking about?

When I was little, I always used to pretend to be sleeping in the car cause we lived on the 4th floor and where I’m from, there’s no elevators so I wanted to avoid climbing the stairs. I pretended I was asleep and my parents had to carry me upstairs and put me to bed. Sweet deal.

Q:Ok, i am not sure if this question has been asked before, but i am really, REALLY intrestied in BubbleGoth, what do i wear to turn bubble goth? P.S i am a girl

BubbleGoth is about putting together elements that feel opposite. I always love wearing lolita stuff but never totally straight. It needs to have something that throws it off – like some badass stripper heels. For the Austin show, I mixed cyber and baroque – 2 total opposites. I like really cute and really hard together. Cute respirators is my BubbleGoth thing right now – to protect the innocence. Army of Love is very bubblegoth – it’s about an army which is hard and violent in itself but we fight with good stuff – integrity, love and unity. Pretty much, since BubbleGoth is something me and the MoonChildren are co-creating – feel very free to suggest elements to this style. This is OUR creation:) Our fantasy.

Q:How do you best get over heartbreak? especially when you see your ex, you only broke up with a couple of months ago, with someone else.

Man, this sucks! They say time heals everything and as much of a cliche as it is – it’s kinda true. Once my heart was really broken, I moved away for 3 months. Spent a lot of time by myself, meditated, wrote music, worked out, got my drivers licence, cooked, spent a lot of time with my friends, took long baths. It’s sometimes good to add a little humor to it. Listen to cheesy love songs and watch shitty romantic comedies. That will make u OD on romance and u’ll want nothing to do with it. You can also get a t-shirt like this:

When my heart was broken, I got 2 t-shirts sorta like that and wore them proudly. The most important thing is – it’s gonna pass. it absolutely is.

I love u guys! I.L.U