Did Katy Perry Rip Off Michael Jackson’s Captain EO?

Is it just me or does Katy Perry look A LOT like the character Supreme Leader in Captain EO? Katy Perry’s new music video launched today and although it is very cool, she looks just like Anjelica Huston in Captain EO! From the make-up to the crazy hair, it’s almost a full blown copy, the only real difference is that Katy’s version is more colorfull.

Take a look at these pictures. Just look at the styling of the outfit, the make-up, the nails, and the expressions. It’s ALMOST the SAME!

Even at the end of Katy Perry’s video E.T. she becomes this goddess like creature which looks very, very similar to Anjelica Huston’s transformation at the end of Captain EO. Take a look…

If you don’t remember Captain EO is a short film staring Michael Jackson and Anjelica Huston for a 3D Disneyland show. Captain EO has recently been brought back to Disneyland since Michael Jackson’s Passing. If you haven’t seen Captain EO yet, you should watch part one and two bellow.

So do you think she copied Michael Jackson’s Captain EO?

Check out Katy Perry’s new music video E.T.