Jon Cryer Lands A New Job As A Temp

Times are tough for Jon Cryer. The other man on Charlie Sheens sitcom Two and a Half Men has been mum on his costar and the fiasco surrounding him. Since production of the show has been halted last week by CBS due to Sheen’s comments toward the network and producers and his recent unstable behavior, Jon found another gig in the biz: as a temp for Ellen DeGeneres!

On Thursday’s episode of Ellen, Jon appears in a skit as a temp working the reception desk for the show. Ellen, the ever-gracious host, comes by and praises Jon’s work.

“You really do good work,” she says. “You do the work of two and a half men!”

When Ellen thanks him for being there, Jon simply replies, “I needed the work.”

Glad to see he didn’t lose his sense of humor in all the madness!

Check out the skit here:

If you could give Jon Cryer a brand new gig, what would it be?