Hey Boston! Shimmy and Shake Your Way to a New You (Just in Time for Summer!)

Pump up the jams while pumping iron! With a renewed focus on looking your best for the fast-approaching tank top and short-shorts season, it’s all about switching up your boring elliptical routine in favor of something a little more…rhythmic. Think Natalie and Mila in Black Swan or Christina Aguilera in Burlesque. Check out these Boston hot spots to shimmy, slide, and merengue your way into a more musical workout routine:

Bump ‘n’ Grind Your Butt Off

Channel Dita Von Teese while bumping, grinding, and shimmying your way to a better you! This cardio class incorporates flirtatious burlesque moves that serve to help you shed extra pounds while discovering your inner diva.

Place: The Boston Academy of Burlesque Education presented by the Boston Babydolls (Brighton)Time: Sundays 6:00 p.m.Price: $15 in advance / $20 drop-inWebsite: //www.bostonbabydolls.net/classes.cfm

Pole 101

Find your sensual side in this introductory pole dancing class, where you learn the basics to the art of the pole. Move up to intermediate classes including “Polegression,” “Vertical Dance” and “Pole Circuit” which work to refine your skills and define your muscles!

Place: Boston Pole Fitness (Fenway)Time: Tuesdays 5:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 10:00 a.m.Price: $25 drop-in / $70 for 3 classes / $110 for 5 classes / $200 1 month unlimitedWebsite: //www.BostonPoleFitness.com/#/studio

Video Vixen Hip-Hop

Pretend you’re on MTV in this class! Learn the basics of hip-hop in a hot workout that shows you how to dance like Fergie, Lady Gaga and Christina Milian circa the “Dip it Low” video!

Place: Life in Synergy (Back Bay)Time: Thursdays 8:00 p.m.Price: $15 per class / $120 for 10 classesWebsite: www. lifeinsynergy.com

Glam Jam

Life in Synergy calls this class “somewhere between the little kid singing into a hairbrush and the minx waiting to come out”…meow! Find your sultry side while throwing your hair, shaking your hips, and feeling glamourous.

Place: Life in Synergy (Back Bay)Time: Wednesdays 8:00 p.m.Price: $15 per class / $120 for 10 classesWebsite: www.lifeinsynergy.com

Hip-Hop Japanimation

Strut like a Pussycat Doll or Beyonce in this animated hip-hop class. This class is aimed at intermediate dancers with its fast-paced cheerleading-inspired workout, and works to tone muscle and burn fat!

Place: Life in Synergy (Back Bay)Time: Tuesdays 8:00 p.m.Price: $15 per class / $120 for 10 classesWebsite: www.lifeinsynergy.com


Learn various types of dance, from jazz to modern to funk in this class, which draws on current pop music to lead students through the moves.

Place: Equinox Fitness Club (Back Bay and Downtown Crossing)Time: Saturdays 12:00 p.m.Price: Must be a memberWebsite: //www.equinox.com/

Hip-Hop Yoga

Shake up your Downward-Facing Dog with some Kanye and Timbaland in this hot yoga class. Students (including men!) practice their poses in a traditional Bikram-style room heated between 85 and 105 degrees in order to keep the blood (and the fists) pumping.

Place: Sister studios Sweat and Soul Yoga and Back Bay Yoga (Packard’s Corner and Back Bay)Time: Throughout the week (see websites)Price: $10 at Sweat and Soul Yoga, $12 for students at Back Bay YogaWebsites: //sweatandsoulyoga.com/ and //www.backbayyoga.com


Step into the world of salsa, merengue, cumbia and reggaeton in this Latin-music-based cardio workout. Shakira, Daddy Yankee and Pitbull guide you through basic dance steps that work to make you sweat. Muy caliente!

Place: Fitrec (West Campus)Time: See the fitrec website for class schedulePrice: Take Zumba for PDP credit, or see the fitrec website for non-credit feesWebsite: //www.bu.edu/fitrec/programs/classes.shtml

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