Happy Birthday Mandy!

Today is the bday of one of my fav singers, Mandy Grace Capristo.

She became famous for to be one of the members of German girlband MONROSE, founded in 2006 from Popstars talent show, with Senna Guemmour and Bahar Kizil.

I discoverred this fantastic group in 2006, and from that moment I’ve always followed them, buying their albums and singles, magazines about them and I was really really sad when I’ve read they wanted brokeup the group for a solo careers, together they were so powerful and their voices are amazing, but I’ve read also Mandy is preparing for a first solo album, so I can’t wait!

What I love about Mandy is her voice mainly, then her fantastic body and her eyes of fawn, she’s so beautiful.



Mandy Grace Capristo was born in Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. She is also the “Strong Voice” of Monrose as she makes almost all of the high notes in their songs. She is the youngest member of the group.

Mandy Capristo was born to an Italian father and an German mother, she grew up in Bürstadt. At the age of 9 she began dancing and video clip dancing.

As an 11 year old girl, Capristo won ORF/Super RTL’s Kiddy Contest 2001 with the song “Ich wünsche mir einen Bankomat” a German cover of No Angels’ “Daylight in Your Eyes”. In 2002, she appeared on the album Kiddy Contest, Vol. 8 with the songs “Moskito”. The album reached number one in the Austrian album charts.

In 2006, at 16 years old, Mandy Capristo joined the German band Popstars from ProSieben. At the finale the audience had chosen Capristo as final member to group Monrose.

Capristo is one of the three winners from the 5th season of Popstars and is a member of the resulting group Monrose, together with Senna Guemmour and Bahar Kızıl.

In 2007, Capristo was ranked on FHM’s “100 Sexiest Women in the World” as tenth place. In 2009 she was voted sexiest woman in the world by the readers of the German FHM magazine.

This is one of my fav performance about her, during Comet Awards 2009, in IF A WERE A BOY, Beyonce’s cover: